Tidal Marine is a new line of marine products manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. The name is new, but the company that manufactures Tidal Marine Products - Northwest Plastics Ltd. - has been a pioneer in producing rotational molded plastic products since 1973. For 43 years we have manufactured some of the most advanced marine buoy products of all sizes. We forged new ground when we were the first to produce rotomolded navigation buoys. Now we have buoys and floats that have been in the water for over 20 years in just about every part of the world. Need something custom? We can do that too!


Years In Business

Northwest Plastics Ltd was Incorporated in 1973 in Vancouver BC.

Years Afloat

Tidal Marine has buoys that have been in the water for over 20 years.

Styles & Sizes

The number of standard buoys and floats Tidal Marine produces.


Our buoys and floats can be found in service all around the world.


Tidal Marine products are manufactured by Northwest Plastics Ltd in the Pacific Northwest. That means that as the manufacturer, if one of our standard floats or buoys doesn't quite meet your needs, we can customize any float or buoy to suit your needs.

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~ News Releases ~

October 12, 2017

CB Series Aquaculture & Industrial Mooring Buoys

Our CB series aquaculture buoys have become the standard in Canada among the major aquaculture companies. When we were developing our buoys, we saw an opportunity to improve the durability, mechanical strength, & longevity of the buoys that were widely in use. Some key improvements that set apart our product are: Molded in Stainless Steel […]

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July 5, 2017

Tying To Your Transport Canada Compliant Mooring Buoy

In this post, we are going to cover the “proper” way to tie off to a mooring buoy. We designed our Transport Canada compliant mooring buoy using our experience in designing and manufacturing aids to navigation & aquaculture buoys. The end result was a durable and aesthetically pleasing product that is fully compliant with Transport […]

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